1450 Limited Edition, numbered, signed by the artist
Actual Size 25 1/2" X 20"
Printed on acid free, museum quality paper
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Takes No Coup
The term 'taking coup' was to describe that while in battle, one Indian would touch his enemy, instead of killing him...showing his skill, and courage...great honors from his fellows, and an embarrassment to the enemy. This Comanche warrior...is taking no coup...for he is not battling for personal glory, or gain....his is almost a religious war...in his eyes and demeanor there is a hardness and a strength of the lone wolf...but inside his heart is pain and sadness...on his waist is a trophy of his present enemy...the buckle and the cartridge pouch taken from a late 1800's soldier...but the stone tipped lance, and the dress shows that this warrior is attempting to stay true to his peoples culture, and battling this enemy with the honor of a man proud of his people...and willing to die to liberate them. As a man and a past warrior myself, the artist in me, and the man in me had to try to show my version of the pride I feel in battling for a right thing...as I am sure that this warrior knew, without a doubt...that he was right.


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