1450 Limited Edition, numbered, signed by the artist
Actual Size 25 1/2" X 20"
Printed on acid free, museum quality paper
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On The Way To Rendezvous
This trapper with pack horse is on way to rendezvous...a gathering of fellow mountain men, and dealers in the furs he has worked a whole year gathering, cleaning and preparing...will now be traded mostly for food and weapons supplies, to keep him one more year in the mountains. The rendezvous is more than a gathering to do business...it is the social affair of the year, much drinking, fighting, and games of chance. This is the first time since last years gathering that they have seen fellow white men and can catch up on all the world's gossips. During the mountain men years, our nation had 2 wars; for the most part of it...they new nothing of them.


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